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Free Slice of Pizza -75Pts

Free Order of Garlic Knots -90Pts

Free 2 Liter of Soda -100Pts

Free Order of Small Fies -150Pts

Free House Salad -175Pts

Free 6Pc Mozzarella Sticks -200Pts

Free 7" Chicken Parm Sub -275Pts

Free Pasta Dinner -325Pts

Free Large 18" Cheese Pizza -375pts

Free Stromboli -390Pts

Free Specialty Pizza -550Pts

How these work; you must have the appropriate amount of points in your account. Select from the menu your item, in the checkout screen there is a drop down to use your loyalty points for purchase. If the loyalty requirements are met, it will show up in the drop down. It will deduct from the total like a coupon. Some restrictions apply, and offers don't always include all toppings, some toppings may be extra.